Founded as a craft business, today Pavanello is a leader in the windows business, dealing nationally and internationally. An adventure leaded by  Attilio Pavanello, forniture craftman who founded the company in Rovigo in 1948 and handed down to his son Luigi Lauro and later Francesco.


Over time the company increase from a crafts to industrial setting, while continuing to differentiate for the attention to details and responsiveness to the great forms of flexibility. Today we find the latest generation machines on which the company has heavily invested over the years through a factory that covers a 10,000 squared meters area, a highly qualified technical staff produces wood frames, wood-aluminum, blinds and doors also directed to the conquest of foreign markets such as France, Switzerland, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Israel, India and USA confirming its international business increase.


Among the numerous assignments intended for luxury housing, surely the one-million-euro commissioned by a tycoon of Cheboksary Russia stands out above all, here we find  Pavanello frames to the fixtures of a great architectural significance building; the second concerns a hundred premium apartments in Bangalore, India, for which has been specially developed a new frame features based on such innovative translating system.


All types of doors and windows, as well with the wide range of customizable doors, are made through  technical solutions and innovative design, using countless species and colors. Pavanello is the first company in Italy who installed a mixing machine in its own production facility, being able to offer a wide variety of colors to each customer.


Pavanello  emerge in the market thanks to its focus on innovation and organizational flexibility that allows to realize tailored solutions to each different customer requirements: each frame is designed to get the best performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, in line with the energy saving and environmental protection regulations.


In 2011 the windows line “Europa” won the prestigious “Finestra Qualità CasaClima”, a claim voluntary guarantees the customer not only the quality but also an energy window installation in a workmanlike manner.


Besides the great attention to every product, Pavanello is synonymous of unique care to the consulting service for the customers: from the renovation of historic buildings to public or private modern achievements, public or private, offering highly personalized products and services.


This is Pavanello today: high quality artisan Italian brand, family tradition, entrepreneurial innovation.


A company that generation after generation has evolved and developed while maintaining the values of the past and even turning them into a competitive force on the market. The great dynamic together with the technical skills and entrepreneurial, allowed Pavanello to leave space for innovation and new projects, today as yesterday, after almost 70 years of activity.


Pavanello Serramenti. Your window to the world.